James McVey

The Vamps guitarist James McVey has shared first single ‘Dancing On The Head Of A Needle’.

The solo project took shape whilst recovering from vocal surgery earlier this year, which is reflected in the song’s vulnerable lyrics and soft melodic sound.

Discussing the track he commented, “Around the time that I wrote this song, people who were really close to me were going through things of their own, and because I was so far down this dark road after losing my voice, I was unable to acknowledge that I needed to be there for them. It’s a bit like my apology to the people I let down, but also to myself, for not being able to see the warning signs. I was deteriorating into a place that was almost too far down to reach.”


After being diagnosed with a polyp on his vocal cords, James McVey underwent surgery followed by six months of vocal rest, which came at a cost to his mental health, with issues of substance abuse also coming to the fore.

During this time, he began to write the most personal, intimate songs that he had ever crafted, with more to be revealed when he releases his debut solo EP later this year.

James McVey has achieved much during his time with The Vamps. The chart-topping, multi-platinum British pop rockers embarked on an arena tour last year as well as sold-out their recent show at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall.

The band – which also features vocalist Bradley Simpson, drummer Tristan Evans and bassist Connor Ball – will headline Singular Artists Presents at Collins Barracks in Dublin this Friday (25 August).

Remaining tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster

Photo Credit: Ed Cooke / PRESS