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Hurts Announce New Album ‘Faith’

Hurts have announced their highly anticipated fifth album ‘Faith’, due out for release on 04 September 2020.

The pop duo has also shared new track ‘Suffer’, the follow-up to last month’s ‘Voices’. Both tunes will feature on the forthcoming album, which has been two years in the making and features some of the most personal songwriting yet to come from the pair.


Commenting on the new album, multi-instrumentalist Adam Anderson said, “If you’d have told me when we started it, how coherent, powerful, and authentic it is, many months later, I probably wouldn’t have believed you…At one stage, I thought we had no chance.”

Whilst Anderson has written about his battles with mental illness in the past, during early sessions for the album vocalist The Hutchcraft experienced demons of his own that left him questioning the future of the band.

Discussing the period between the band’s last tour back in 2018 he said, “I was physically and mentally absolutely exhausted….To the point where I was at breaking point. I had to stop and not do anything for a while because I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus, or anything. And I didn’t know what the future held really. I didn’t know if we’d make another album again.”

During lockdown the band performed their track ‘Voices’ for the first time via Instagram TV, making use of 360 video technology to give fans a truly immersive experience of the track. They have also utilised the Telegram app to carve a direct channel to their followers, feeding cryptic clues about the future for their followers to connect. Check it out here.

Hurts ‘Faith’ Album Tracklisting:

Slave To Your Love
All I Have To Give
White Horses
Darkest Hour

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