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Emeli Sandé – Symphony Hall Birmingham – 02 December

emile sandé

emile sandé

emile sandé

emile sandé

Emeli Sandé started tonight’s concert sat at the piano, but soon was up and belting out a classy collection of her tunes, like ‘High And Lows’, ‘Shine’, ‘Read All About It’, ‘Clown’ and her latest single, ‘Hurts’, proving just how good a singer and performer she is. But even she couldn’t get the velcro bottomed audience to get up and really enjoy themselves. Yes, they applauded wildly, which was a shame as Sande never put a foot or note wrong, and it wasn’t as if it was all ballads. There were plenty of up tempo tunes to move to, like ‘Next To Me’.

Gripe over, for the moment, she truly is an excellent singer and comes over in her talk to the audience as a very likeable lady. When explaining the meaning behind some tunes like ‘Extraordinary Being’, backed by four backing singers, one of whom joined her in a cover of the Labrinth tune, ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’, she was firing on all cylinders.

And as if we could have put money on it, when she left the stage before returning for an encore, guess what? The audience get up! Emeli Sandé will no doubt continue to produce high quality albums and singles, and hopefully next time we see her, a more energetic audience, which she deserves.

Photos by Geoff Griffe
Review by Jennifer Griffe

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