balancing act

Balancing Act have recently revealed latest single ‘Cheshire Smile.

The latest offering from the London-based quartet sees them recollect the dark danceability of the noughties. Crediting influences such as Portishead and Massive Attack, the track is backed by a pulsing pop-rock underlayer.

The single is the next instalment of their series of collaborations with producer Richard Woodcraft (Radiohead, Paolo Nutini, The Last Shadow Puppets) and is opening an entirely new door in Balancing Act’s repertoire.

With their debut headline tour approaching this September, Balancing Act are making the moves necessary to capture their live energy on record. This intention was confirmed by Kai Roberts (vocals), who commented, “This song is a progression from the sound of ‘All Yours’. We love how the crowd reacts with this tempo and feel – it’s like we feed off each other on stage – it’s addictive.”

When discussing the track’s creation, Jackson Couzens (guitar) said, “After the initial inspiration for this song we made a bit of a retreat back up north to finish it off. We still have a writing space there that seems to hold some magic for us, it’s a bit secluded so we can really get lost in what we’re creating and it normally produces our best work. This is another song that found its true direction there before taking it back into the studio with Rich.”

Couzens expanded on the indie band’s deviation from familiar influences saying, “You can always hear the rock element in our music because we were all brought up on that, but when it comes to making it feel fresh, we’ll turn to the likes of Trip Hop and Electronic music and try to blend that with what we make. There’s always something new to be found when you’re in unfamiliar musical territory, so we throw ourselves into whatever excites us.”


Balancing Act Debut Headline Tour Dates:

London Oslo, 06 Sept
Manchester The Deaf Institute, 07
Bristol Crofters Rights, 08
Birmingham The Sunflower Lounge, 09

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Kai Roberts (vocals) and Jackson Couzens (guitar) first met in Manchester whilst working on separate projects. After packing up and moving to London, they joined forces with George Le Page (drums) and David Carpenter (bass), forming the now settled quartet. According to Kai, the next phase of Balancing Act prioritises “pushing the boundaries on what we can achieve as a band”, a mantra that continues to fuel their next steps.

Image Credit: Charlie Harris / PRESS