alice merton

Alice Merton has kicked off 2024 with the release of brand-new track ‘Run Away Girl’, out now via her own label, Paper Plane Records International.

The song was released one day after it’s live premiere at the ZDF New Year’s Eve party at Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate, which was broadcast live to three million people.

‘Run Away Girl’ puts a classic 80s tinge on the ‘No Roots’ singer’s signature dark-pop sound. She wrote and produced the number with James Dring (Lana Del Rey, Self Esteem) and regular collaborator Paul Whalley (‘Charlie Brown’, ‘Waste My Life’).

Introducing the song Alice Merton said, “Since I can remember, in every life phase I have been in, I have always questioned two things: who am I, and who am I supposed to be? I thought when you grow up, all these questions magically get answered but as I continue to witness, I don’t think you ever quite know.

‘Runaway Girl’ comes from an introspective look at oneself and feeling lost in the outside world but especially feeling lost on the inside. Where do I fit in, in all this craziness? Who do I actually want to be in life? We are constantly surrounded by the opinions of others, who show us what their version of happiness is, so we automatically assume ours must be the same. It often isn’t.

We try to break free from past lives and past memories, pretending they no longer exist. I have found it’s much easier to accept the past, rather than forget it, and occasionally letting myself dwell in those memories. Moving homes regularly has taught me many life lessons, but it has also contributed to feeling unsettled in life, restless for what else is out there, and adventurous for the unknown.

This song comes to you in a new chapter full of questions to myself and to you. It is the beginning of a series of events that have led me to realise that the more I learn about life and myself, the less I actually know. But what do I know? I am happy to share this with you. I hope you enjoy the next chapter.”


Alice Merton’s career highlights to date include achieving Top 10 chart positions across Europe, US Gold, and multiple Platinum awards in Europe. Her two studio albums, 2019s ‘MINT’ and 2022s ‘S.I.D.E.S.’, have achieved over one billion streams and three million sales.

She has also performed on TV shows like NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with James Corden or ABC’s Late Night Show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Watch this space for much more music to come in 2024.

Image Credit: PRESS