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Taylor Swift

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Well, we’ve all heard about Swifty mania, so let’s see if its real or warranted. Yes, the Eras Tour tickets sold out in about five minutes, and for those who were not lucky enough to get one, a spectacular version was screened into lots of cinemas earlier this year, and we went along to see it. It looked amazing, but as good as it was it can’t give you the atmosphere of a live crowd, and my goodness it was an atmosphere. Arriving from our drive from the Midlands through torrential rain and traffic, we arrived about twenty-five minutes before Taylor took to the stage and it was obvious that there was a massive buzz around like electricity. People dressed like different album styles, lots of face glitter, and more cowboy hats than you can shake a stick at. But apart from the fashion, some disregarding the weather, although we were lucky as it didn’t rain, the friendly vibe was incredible.

Then a big clock appears on the massive screen behind the stage, and the sound was like a jet taking off. I kid you not, ear-piercing to be fair, and then a group of dancers with massive butterfly like wings stride on, and all hell let loose. Taylor Swift walks onto the stage, and we saw some younger attendees actually crying with the emotion of it all, and from then on it was mesmerising. We were treated to a 40+ song set, nearly three and a half hours of magic, with Ms Swift only leaving the stage for an album Era costume change, only to be greeted with a roar like the first time she walked on. And whatever you’re taste in music, Taylor has done it and delivers every song as if it was first time. She is a force of nature, very talented and extremely likable, almost goddess-like to many here.

And it was nice to see even after all the success, that Taylor can still be surprised. After the Folklore/Evermore section, probably our favourite Era, which was stunning visually, as was all of the concert. She had just finished playing ‘Willow’, after the last note was fading, there was a hum/buzz – don’t know what to call it – but as she sat there at the green moss covered piano it got louder and louder into a massive crescendo. Taylor looked around not really sure what was happening, with a bemused look on her face, even taking out her ear monitors to listen and she was obviously moved, the look on her face told you that, incredible.

After being lucky enough to see her a few years ago at the Etihad, which was one of the best concerts of that year, this takes it to another level, and this was the 100th concert of the tour with about another 50 left. She returns to the UK in August, and sorry if you haven’t gotten a ticket, you ain’t getting in. The whole thing was spot on, the sound, dancers, sets, video visuals, costumes, special effects, even down to the light up bracelets you are offered on your entrance that light up at different times during the marathon set, but without the songs and superb performance and vocals of Taylor Swift, they would mean nothing. She is one talented lady, the only question on my mind is how the heck dos she follow this? It will be interesting to see.

Is the fervour warranted? Oh YES indeed it is. Would we walk over broken glass to see her on her return? Hang on while we take our shoes off! And we would like to thank Kate at Stoked PR for all her help.

Review by Geoff & Jenny Griffe (Swifties!!)

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