Kasabian are back with explosive new studio album ‘Happenings’, due out on 05 July 2024 via Columbia Records.

The record will be their eighth studio release to date and feature lead single ‘Call’. The track was the first to be written for the album by frontman Serge Pizzorno and sets the vibe for the delights that follow.

“This was the launchpad,” Serge explains. “Quieter on the verses, loud for the chorus – it’s dance music! The first bit is where you get ready, the second bit is where we all go crazy. It’s really fun and just feels like now. When I finished the track, I felt I wanted to go to a gig by whoever was behind it. Everything for this album was informed by that way of working.”

The accompanying music video was shot by director duo Waxxwork in Albania.


‘Happenings’ is the follow up to 2022s No.1 ‘The Alchemist’s Euphoria’. The album was written and initially recorded at Pizzorno’s home studio, The Sergery, before the band later decamped as Serge and Mark Ralph co-produced the final sessions together.

“It’s 20 years this year since we released our debut album,” Serge concludes, “but we felt the best way this band, at this time, should celebrate that was by making a new album.”

The band will play a huge hometown show this summer as well as a headline slot at Latitude Festival – full details below:

Leicester Victoria Park, 06 July
Latitude Festival, 26

Remaining tickets on sale now from Gigantic Ticketmaster See Tickets

Kasabian ‘Happenings’ Full Album Tracklisting:

Darkest Lullaby
How Far Will You Go
Coming Back To Me Good
The Hell Of It
Italian Horror
Bird In A Cage

Photo Credit: Neil Bedford / PRESS

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