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Top Tips For Buying Gig Tickets

Attention music lovers! Looking to snap up some hot gig tickets? We’ve compiled some top tips for buying gig tickets to help you get them in the bag.

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Tip 1

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Tip 2

Keep an eye out for presales! This will allow you more than one opportunity to buy tickets for gigs that are going to be in high demand when they go on sale.

Tip 3

Be prepared! On the day the tickets go on sale, make sure you’re logged in to your account on your chosen ticket seller’s website to keep the booking process as quick and smooth as possible. Also double-check that your delivery and payment details are up to date to prevent any last-minute changes.

Tip 4

Think ahead! When it comes to big gigs, although there may be plenty of tickets up for grabs it is not always guaranteed that you’ll be able to secure the exact tickets or seats that you want. Having a Plan B, which may involve choosing different seats or even heading to a different venue, could help ensure you don’t miss out on seeing your favourite band or artist live.

Tip 5

Look out for extra ticket announcements! Gig sold out in seconds? Keep an eye out for new ticket releases in the run up to the big show.

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