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Suzanna Dee releases new single 14 years after ‘Show Me Heaven’ – Watch

Famously known for her Top 40 hit with her dance version of ‘Show Me Heaven’ in 2003, Suzanna Dee is back in the game with the release of a new single: ‘A Song I’m Going To Write’

Her powerful and alluring vocals have attracted festivals such as ‘Party in the Park’ with an audience over 70,000 people along with numerous Arenas and various ‘Prides’ throughout the UK. Suzanna has also performed at very prestigious venues from the Royal Albert Hall to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Listen to Suzanna Dee’s new dance track here:

Before her top 40 success, Suzanna was a session vocalist, recording with the Spice Girls, S-Club 7 and Billy Piper to name a few.

If you don’t remember Suzanna Dee the first time around, this may jog your memory:

The physical single CD of A Song I’m Going To Write is available to buy now.

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