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Interview: Arejay Hale – Ramblin’ Man Fair 2018

Interview with Halestorm drummer Arejay Hale by Geoff Griffe

I asked Arejay how he came to play his drums with, what amounts to two broom sticks, if you have never seen him its astonishing, were you drunk? He replied, “Probably, it was while I was hanging out at a friend’s house and he came in with these big drumsticks, I think he thought they would make a good wall decoration, a bit like antique skis, in a ski lodge and I thought no I can play with these, so I did!” He went on, “I will tell you a funny story, we were touring the U.K and our tour manager left my big sticks at a gig, the next night we were playing Nottingham, so I had to look around for a replacement, and all I could find were two umbrellas, so I played a solo with them, and when I finished I opened them both up, I had a fan approach me after the gig, and he said, ‘I know why you used umbrellas, it was because you love playing the UK and its always raining’, I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.”

Now to the new album, VICIOUS due to be released the end of July, I enquired if we could expect any surprises, “No, it’s what HALESTORM fans have come to expect and want. The only difference is that we had some people saying that we are a great live band, and although our albums are excellent, we have never really captured the essence of our live performance, so this time we asked acclaimed producer Nick Raskulinecz, to produce. He has been a big fan of ours since we started and had actually been to our gigs four or five times before we knew him. He really pushed us and me personally and we think that this is the closest we have come so far to HALESTORM live”.

Can’t wait! I would like to thank Kirsten and everyone at Cosanostra PR for their help on the day, and obviously Arejay for sparing the time on a busy day to have a chat, top bloke.

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