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New video for ENTRANCE ‘Always the Right Time’ – Watch

Guy Blakeslee, aka ENTRANCE has released a brand new video for his single “Always the Right Time” shot in Brooklyn, New York.

The video features transgender actress Katherine Lyra Wakefield (aka Lyra Daydream) in order to convey Blakeslee’s continued activism towards transgender people and their rights.

Watch the NEW music video by ENTRANCE here:

Blakeslee uses his presence on the stage and online in a positive way, as a vocal human-rights activist, and he has recently released a protest track (“Not Gonna Say Your Name”) donating money to a good cause.

ENTRANCE’s new album ‘Book of Changes’ is already hitting the headlines in America; ‘Pitchfork’ proclaimed “Guy Blakeslee’s songs are newly exposed and intimate, telling a story of love and loss with folk, pop, and echoes of Laurel Canyon” and FLOOD Magazine called the album “a welcome creative reawakening that’s lyrically stronger and more developed and heart-stirring than anything he’s done before.”

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