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Feature: 17 Things You May Forget To Take To A Music Festival

17 Things You May Forget To Take To A Music Festival

Music festivals can be muddy or scorching, and it’s hard to know what to pack sometimes!

We know the feeling when you arrive at a Festival and you’ve forgotten something vital! So, whether you’re off to Download, T In The Park, Latitude, Reading & Leeds or Splendour, let us help ensure you’ve got everything covered …


  • Suncream – don’t add to your hangover pain with a red face!
  • Zip lock bags – small ones for clean pants, keys, cash and large ones for a set of clean clothes for the way home (leave in the car!)
  • Duct tape – for just about anything
  • Throat lozenges – with all the shouting/singing, you’ll need these!
  • Febreeze – to perk up your clothes
  • Headlamp – find your way back to the tent
  • Chewing gum – for morning breath
  • Dry shampoo – use public showers less often
  • Spare toilet roll – enough said
  • First aid kit – include aspirin for hangovers and waterproof plasters
  • Costumes, wigs, bodypaint – if you’re up for a laugh
  • Solar phone charger and in-car charger – be careful not to drain your car battery and have plenty of fuel when you arrive
  • Musical instrument – make your own sweet music
  • Shewee – if you’re a girl!
  • Swimsuit – you never know!
  • Flag or totel pole – to find your tent – glow in the dark ideal
  • Batteries – it could feel a bit like Christmas day with no shops!


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Ticketmaster who have compiled a list of all the big festivals this summer, head over & take a look now!

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