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Arno Sojo (Sweet Gum Tree) releases new single – Watch

French singer/songwriter, Arno Sojo (the artist behind Sweet Gum Tree) has released ‘Someday’ from his new album ‘Sustain The Illusion’. The first single from the album, ‘Twinkle’ premiered at For Folk’s Sake.

In the music video, Sojo takes us on his walk to a lake where he skims stones, singing about some pretty deep stuff – the challenge of living in a world with desperate circumstances and how ‘someday’ we may all live in peace. It’s been described as ‘a beautiful, romantic adventure and an unnerving trip through a mind crowded with troubled creatures.’ See what you think:

Another track on Sojo’s album, ‘Burn Your Icons’ is also thought provoking, looking at the relevant question of how we view our fallen idols that gives a truly unique perspective on our society’s traditions.

Sojo’s earnest vocals confirm that he is amongst those who still believe that music and words can touch the soul, by way of sincerity, constant reinvention and fine craftsmanship. Minimal drum machines and echo-laden guitars throughout create a state of grace evoking the ethereal new-wave productions.

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